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Wow, I hadn't surfed by recently, but I hope your intended audience sees this reply!
[& the only emotion I feel when contemplating my Due 4.0 date -- which is approaching in Feb -- is RELIEF!]
Good rant...


Thanks. He doesn't know about this site, so I doubt he'll ever see it, but writing it made me feel better!


Vent, Sister, Vent.

I'm sorry your feelings were hurt and he didn't give any thought to the effect of his words before he spoke.

He's obviously a jackass, but an common and unfortunate downside in this particular argument is the fact that it's hard to present the pro-life side without people feeling personally condemned. Not that this a-hole is pro-life at all, especially with his irrationalities about killing abortionists and staff. Even though my viewpoint is consistent with the pro-life movement, I know that I have to be very careful when I talk about my advocacy of fetal equality and likewise, prochoice folks can offend women that have lost babies to miscarriage, etc. when they deny the personhood of that fetus. It's touchy. Even if this asshat were trying to present the true and correct pro-life argument, there such a thing as effing tact.

I'm sorry that he hurt you. That's not defensible.


Thanks Jacque

The stepping on toes between the sides is interesting. Personally I don’t take offense when the pro-life side makes claims for fetal equality because normally they are educated and have a backing for their reasoning. But he’s just an idiot. If, for example, you thought that I had murdered my child, I can respect that thinking. I don’t agree, but can respect where you’re coming from. Plus I am guessing you wouldn’t be as crass as he was.  But he was just making outlandish claims just to make outlandish claims (which he does often) but this time he didn’t even think about what he was saying and to whom he was saying it and that’s what chapped my ass.

The other thing that irked me was that he back peddled and put the blame completely on the doctor basically saying the doctor was doing evil not the women. So what? I am just the dumb, helpless women who opened her legs! At least give me the credit to have thought out the decision and made it. I am not some twity, little girl who got “duped.” But then again that’s probably my own defiance coming out then anything to do with the issue at hand.


Yeah, not possible to defend him. He's an idiot and an ass. He'd be hard-pressed to find someone to sympathize.

I was thinking that even when you're careful you can be hurtful and offensive- when you don't care and you're effing stupid, that's a recipe for distaster.

Certain people just shouldn't talk.



Abortion Hurts

Hi Zygote- good to be in contact with you again. I hope you are doing well. Good riddance to that individual. My love and understanding goes out to you, for I can never cast a stone. When I was in college, an unplanned pregnancy was comparable to a STD genital wart that was a consequence of our behavior, was very embarrassing, brought shame and guilt, and the best way to "solve" the problem was to have it removed as quickly as possible so that life could get back to normal. As a 44 year old mother of three, I was once blind, but now I see, graced with compassion for all. Stay in touch my friend.


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

I am a bit confused though, are you saying you had an abortion in college?

And just for the sake of full discloser I have HPV too. And I have to say the shame and disgrace was much worse with the HPV then with the abortion.

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