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I have the picket fence, the minivan, and the kids -- and if my contraception fails, I would do what you did. Different situation, same choice. My own maternal instinct” didn’t kick in until after my kids` births, but I know women who felt differently -- every woman is different, and this is not always a result of indoctrination by the "patriarchy."

I think I can understand why a woman who feels a fierce protective maternal instinct for an embryo would truly believe that a first-trimester abortion is exactly the same as strangling a baby in a cradle. But those of us who view the situation objectively (or "with hardened hearts," as some say) view it as a matter of what we decide to do with our own bodies.


I am sure for many women their instinct is deep seeded and great for them. I would get riled up and fight for their right to do whatever they wanted as well. Personally, I had a hard time seeing past what I thought I should feel. I felt like a failure.

Can I ask a strange question. Did your views about abortion change at all once you were pregnant?


Hi Z --
I surfed over to your new "pad" (ar, ar!) & I really resonante w/what you've written...
Sometimes it is truly surreal for me (the woman who never wanted children) to realize that I am the mother of an almost-8-yr-old!?!?!
It's a long story, I need to post it on my own blog... But I understand COMPLETELY your "trapped" feelings, & your desperation to just MAKE IT GO AWAY. I made all my other pregnancies "go away" -- I've had the most unbelievably bad luck w/BC, & a few episodes of stupidity & poor judgment over the yrs -- but fortunately I didn't have to "follow through"... Don't pro-choice people like L & I confuse the hell out of the pro-lifers: the dissonance between our matronly appearance & our fervent belief that it must remain OUR CHOICE?!?
Well for some reason it wouldn't accept my URL but it's htpp://endurovet.blogspot.com/


Thanks for the comment. Welcome!

I completely agree that you guys confuse the hell out of pro-lifers, but then again to a degree I think we all do. I personally think dissonance of a persons character makes them much more interesting!

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