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Julie Shockley

{{Zygote}} - I posted an answer to you at Christina's blog, then came over here. I wish I had read this, first.

Now I think I see why you cried when you read my story - we heard pretty much the same thing from our babies' fathers, didn't we? What, do men keep a list of these lines somewhere?

It is not my right to judge you, and I won't, and I'll defend your right to live free of the judgment of other people, too. You did not make the choice lightly; it seems to me that you were boxed into it. I am deeply sorry for that.


Thank you for the comment. When reading your story I definitely identified with how alone you felt and the distance between you and the father. I think men receive a hand book or something!

Your story made me cry for many different reasons, but mostly because I don't think anyone should be forced to do something they don't want to.

I appreciate your openness to put your story out there and wiliness to except mine.

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