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hey well done I strongly support your arguments. I am a 10th grade student at my highschool in Illinios... it is rather sad that people tend to choose the life of a fetus over the life of a human being... i personally would not get an abortion but i strongly support those who would. the government, like you mentioned, should have no say in how a woman runs her body and life. if a woman wants to try options to have a child she should be able to have the option not to if she is not ready... which brings me to teen pregnancy... if a teen is not ready to have a child or gets pregnant due to rape or insest then she should have the right not to have that child grow up knowing that he/she was an accident or not meant to be in this case... and for the people who are "pro-life" they like others i have read before mentioned can support the death penalty and also if you think about it a plant or tree can be considered living can it not? and we have no trouble killing trees the very things that help us live and use it for personal gain? so why shouldnt women be allowed to stop a pregnancy they arent ready for and others kill living animals, plants, and trees? these are all living things that we show no sympathy for...... sorry i had to add my 2 cents because this issue gets me real bad and i liked your arguments and people SHOULD be more open minded to these things if youd like you can message me at myspace if you have one if not email me.... @ [email protected]
thank you and bye

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